Lecture Series

Understanding Adolescence: Creativity, Disturbance and the Developmental Process

by Hannah Solemani

Adolescence is perhaps the most difficult and drastic phase in human development.
Although not an illness or trauma, it is full of major physical and psychological changes that may lead to serious and possible fatal pathological consequences.
In this paper I will look at the developmental tasks that face the adolescent and consider how these are negotiated. I will also illustrate this with some clinical work, of an analysis with a very worrying adolescent.
It will, I hope, show how difficulties are tackled psychoanalytically and the enormous anxiety and terror adolescents project into those around them.

by David Morgan

Freud like Tancredi was pretty pessimistic about social change, despite at the beginning of his career recognising the profound effects of trauma and inequality on his patients. He contributed enormously to our understanding of the mind. However, nothing human can be understood in the abstract. We also have to interpret thoughts, feelings and behaviours in their social context. In his lecture, David Morgan will provide a framework to address these issues.

discussed by Andrea Sabbadini

Spring Conference May 2016

Autumn Annual Conference November 2015

Marilyn Lawrence

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Dr. Bryony Bamford

The London Centre For Eating Disorders and Body Image

In Conversation with Morton Schatzman

Spring Conference May 2015

Autumn Annual Conference November 2014

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